“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together… but encourage one another.”
– Hebrew 10:24,25

We all have pre-conceived ideas of what “church” looks like – either from being involved in ‘church life’ or as an observer. Some of these structures are based on experience and tried and tested models that have formed over thousands of years. Some are based on misconception and expectation. To be honest, we’re not completely sure which is which. However, we’re keen to explore these elements in a way that is responsive to what God is doing now in our community and people’s lives.

Sunday Gathering

All welcome!

New Farm Neighbourhood Centre, 967 Brunswick Street, New Farm QLD

5pm – Community Dinner
6pm – Worship + Conversation
7pm – Supper


Everything that we do seeks to value and grow at least one or more of our key relationships. Our Sunday Gatherings seek to build deeper connection with God and with each other; and, equip us for Monday to Saturday. There are a number of common elements that we gather around each Sunday – community table; prayer + worship; teaching + conversation; and, outside of us.

Community Table

We are cut from the same cloth and made from the same image. By breaking bread (sharing a meal) together, we acknowledge that our community identity is being transformed by the presence of each other and God. We invite anyone who is willing to our table and our community conversation.

Prayer + Worship

It’s been said that “prayer is talking with God about what we’re doing together.” As a community, our unified response to God’s love and grace is prayer and worship. Through words, song and creative expression we share hope and faith and become part of something bigger than ourselves.

Teaching + Conversation

We are relational by nature, and conversation is an integral part of our lives. By creating space to speak openly, we give each other the opportunity to learn, laugh, cry, and exist in light of knowledge and experience other than our own.

We explore the Bible, teachings from scholars and lessons from those who’ve gone before us. We do this so that we can grow in our ability to help each other live in the love of Jesus Christ. We also explore the various seasons of the church calendar and seek to find an expression and vulnerability in our experiences of what God is doing in our community and world.

Outside of Us

Ordinary people, doing ordinary things can have extraordinary impact. We seek to encourage and remind each other that work, parenting, failure, success, and relationships, are central to mission and ministry in daily life. We explore the challenges of Monday to Saturday, pray for each other and consider how we, as a community, might work for the betterment of that which is outside of us.