“Seek the peace and prosperity of the city… Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

Jeremiah 29:7 (NIV)

It’s been said that, “as a city goes, so goes the culture.” As Christians we are called to pray for, prosper, redeem and rebuild the cities we work and live in. In Brisbane, the inner city suburb of Kangaroo Point is where we gather collectively as a faith community.


Always was, always will be…

The Yugara people originally inhabited Kangaroo Point, before the invasion and colonisation by the British in the early 1800’s. The area was then cleared for the cultivation of crops to service the subsequent convict population. After 1841, the area was opened for general settlement with the first land sales in 1843. In 1887, the Yungaba Immigration Centre was built on Main Street at Kangaroo Point.

For many years the factories of heavy engineering businesses, particularly those involved in the maritime industry, dominated the suburb. The opening of the Story Bridge in July 1940 was a significant development for Kangaroo Point, linking it directly by road to the Brisbane CBD just over the river.


Strength in Diversity

Kangaroo Point is now one of the most densely populated suburbs in Brisbane with approximately 7,500 people in an area of 1.3 square kilometres. It is also an area of high cultural diversity and age range. 106 ancestries are represented in Kangaroo Point and 98 ages, with 21 to 35 year olds forming the predominant age group.


Queensland Multicultural Centre

Located near the end of Main Street, close to the river, a park and ferry terminal, the Queensland Multicultural Centre (QMC) is a purpose-built facility within the historic Yungaba site. The venue operates one large theatre performance space, a number of function spaces and multi-purpose rooms suitable for a range of events, meetings and conferences.