Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Jagera and Turrbal peoples who are the traditional owners of the land where our community was founded. We also pay respect to the Elders, past and present, and extend this respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

As ‘the Church’ we need to do more to advance the self determination and value of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people, their knowledge and culture. We have a role to play in achieving a just Australia in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights as First Peoples are recognised, respected and enjoyed. But our role is not to lead that process from the front or even walk beside Indigenous people. We need to humble ourselves and learn to walk behind.

The uncomfortable truth is that we live on, and benefit from, stolen land.

The uncomfortable truth is that Australia, as a nation, is founded on racism.

The uncomfortable truth is that First Peoples continue to pay the cost, bear the burden of driving change, and are hampered in their efforts to realise justice by well-meaning ‘allies’.

We must do better.

In order to resource and support First Nations leaders and communities, we commit to:
  • challenging our own prejudices and learn more about the ongoing struggle for minority and First Nations people in achieving justice
  • standing up to racism inside and outside the church
  • listening to and learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters about how we can work together towards justice
  • directing funds and resources to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ministries, movements, leaders and their development
  • exploring partnership opportunities that support grassroots efforts led by First Nations peoples