FOUND February 28, 2017

If you’re part of our community then you’ll know we don’t receive offerings in our weekly gatherings or talk about financial giving. However, people have been asking about how we’re going financially, and one of our values is transparency, so here goes…

Currently, our weekly operating budget is $385 (ex. GST). That’s an annual budget of $20,000 (ex. GST). This covers venue, associated catering costs, licenses, insurances etc.

Regular giving is currently $255 per week. So, in short, we’re a little short.

If you already give or don’t have the capacity to give – please don’t give any more. But if you have a heart for what we’re doing and have capacity (even if it’s a few dollars each fortnight) – then we’d appreciate it. Ultimately, we want to build a surplus, so that we can not only cover our operating costs but invest in the community around us.

And, as always, a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributes food, time, ideas or dollars to FOUND.

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