Aleem Ali October 31, 2016

Aleem considers a counter-narrative of church leadership and proposes a more collective community approach.

“The heart for FOUND, the heart for this community, is not replication of traditional models. It’s not to ‘do church’ simply because everyone else does church that way. This community formed, in part, out of a desire to gather with, and encourage, people who are frustrated by traditional church models. People who are often excluded from traditional church models and who are willing to consider and explore something different. To re-consider the professionalisation of ministry and the institutionalisation of faith. To question traditional leadership mindsets and structures. To question the validity of the Senior Leader or the Senior Pastor being the holder of all godly wisdom, and the efficacy of that.”
– Aleem Ali


  1. What are your thoughts on a more collective community approach to church leadership? What are some of the likely positives and negatives?
  2. What might a collective approach to various elements of our faith community look like? ie. to community dinner, worship, conversation, social justice / the common good?
  3. What do you think the next steps should be?
  1. Should kids be more involved in the church gathering? What would be the good or bad things about this?
  2. What are the some of the areas you would like to be more involved in?
  3. How would you like to be involved?