Aleem Ali November 7, 2016

Aleem begins to explore how we form beliefs and the nature of belief in our lives.

“Our tendency, as human beings, is to make Jesus’ command much more regimented.We would much rather be right. We would prefer to deal in absolutes. It’s much safer and more comfortable to build tribes around us who confirm our bias. Us and them is a very convenient binary from which I can draw satisfactory conclusions and create a nice little contained and insular life. It allows me to erect pillars from which I can hurl down flaming rocks of certainty. But that’s not what Jesus commanded us to do. His love compels us to love the other.”
– Aleem Ali


  1. When do you feel confronted by other people’s beliefs? Why?
  2. What is an important belief in your life and why? How did you form this belief? (consider Inheritance, Experience, Reason + Revelation, Belonging + Need)
  3. How do we begin to see ourselves in the other?
  1. Do you have any friends who have very different beliefs to you? Do you talk about these differences
  2. What is something that you believe that is important to you?
  3. Is it important to be right all the time? Why or why not?